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How to embed Tumblr on your website and customize it


Tumbler couldn’t make it easy to embed your blog to your website. Have in mind that what you can bring to your website is the “homepage” of your blog, the posting themselves will stay in tumblr (unless you display them entirely on it). Also you will be only able to do this is you have access to the html files in your site.

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Dazhi’s Calendar


Hello NYC! Want to enjoy quick pit stops during the summer outdoor market season.We hear 2 Bros Pizzas are the best in this city.

Starting today, new users can enjoy $3 off their order at 2 Bros Pizza across the city.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign up for a DailyGobble account…


Red Mango or Pink Berry: Which one is your favorite FroYo shop? Show your support!

From today through May 24, go to any Red Mango or Pink Berry location (New York or San Francisco), and DailyGobble will give you $3.25 back!

The offer is valid at all Red Mango and Pinkberry locations in NYC…


Carol and I headed to the Bell House in Park Slope last night to meet some Bloggers from the NY metro area. Upon our arrival we made ourselves some jazzy name tags, ordered our beers, and were approached by our first Blog:

F’dInParkSlope, the three of us shared some laughs while discussing…


It’s graduation season yet again.

Amidst all the chaos of getting to school on time one last time before saying goodbye, packing for that flight you need to catch, picking your folks up who have come to cheer on your big day…take a break DailyGobble style!!

To celebrate your big day…